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Haven’t been on here in so long

Here’s a few updates since it’s been so long. Corey & I broke up some time during the winter, I don’t really remember when. For some reason, we started talking again around Valentines Day & things seemed normal. He was being really sweet & all that. We got back together for like a week or two but he called it off because he had feelings that he had to figure out. I was really hurt but I understood. We talked occasionally but in April we stopped talking completely. I went to prom in June with a guy from my school & things were great. My prom date and I had a “thing” i guess, but not really. After prom, I graduated high school and have just been living my own life & enjoying the summer. Just the other day, one of Corey’s friends took his phone and started sending people random texts…I was one of those people. So I answered saying “what? lol” and he said it was one of his friends. But we kept talking & have been for a few days. But this time it’s just as friends, which we’re both perfectly fine with. Both of us like having each other as friends, so it works out for now,

Only time will tell if we stay friends or if things fall apart, but we most definitely won’t be dating again haha

July 15th, 2014 // 0 notes

Heartbreak on We Heart It.